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Hello visitor and future "co-worker" to a new and clever way to use the idle time of your computer efficiently. We're here to offer you new approaches to old methods, the ELO.me way.

Let's see how we can do it.

If you have never heard of crypto mining or if you already did, keep your eyes in reading mode because we will show you a new way never seen before. Simple and effective. If you do know about it, please be patient for a few paragraphs for the twist.


So in a few simple steps, the process is this :

1. You download a program and run it

2. This does mathematical calculations on an algorithm that the main computer gives and returns the results.

3. Depending on how fast and how hard calculations it solves it is rewarded real cryptos.

Let's increase the knowledge level a bit.

This process is called mining and makes a lot of real money, but unfortunately, by the time we speak, huge investments have been made, and is nearly impossible to replicate this approach now.

This is because the cost of the specialized machines (ASIC miners) or the cost and the number of video cards (GPU) together with the electricity cost and the difficulty factor of cryptos made mining NOT profitable for normal users.

...and here comes the GOOD stuff !!

Problems? .... Solutions

To the insanity of more power from expensive machines, a crypto coin said NO to the exploitation attempts big bucks did against it.

XMR or as it is known MONERO, blocked with a specialized algorithm the usage of ASIC miners or any dedicated machine, allowing only computers with CPU and GPU to mine it.

Even more, the CPU performs better than GPU. GPU adds a 20-30% max to overall power.

Monero is one of the most popular coins and one of the few that truly honors the features of cryptocurrencies.

The transactions in the blockchain are totally private, while all the other known cryptos like Bitcoin, and Ethereum... are not.


Unfortunately again :( from 2014 that was launched, this became known to many people and already 8 years the algorithm has become even more difficult.

People came together and created a pool of "workers" to solve the calculations altogether and share the cryptos. These are the pools.

The conclusion to ALL these :

Check the earnings per month for popular machines :

* Intel® Core™ i9-9900K makes $5.22

* Intel® Core™ i7-12700K makes $6.27

* Intel® Core™ i9-13900K makes $7.92

you can check yours by trying the miner when you join or by clicking on this benchmark table: https://xmrig.com/benchmark

- Locate your CPU

- Check the number at the right with the blue border

- Go here and enter it: https://www.cryptocompare.com/mining/calculator/xmr?HashingPower=5000&HashingUnit=H%2Fs&PowerConsumption=0&CostPerkWh=0.12&MiningPoolFee=1

- Replace the 5000 with your number and see the profitability

We have more, we don't think you fell asleep after, did you?

The Pool inside the ... Pool

Now the pools, have various minimum withdrawal levels but for an i3 for example some need 48 years to give you $60

(because it makes $0.20 per month)

So either you have an old computer or a fresh build computer with Fortnite installed you practically get nothing.

WHAT IF we can make a pool inside the pool and work like this :

1. The ELO.me team mine as a team with various computers

2. The pool has a ranking system that ranks the active and functional miners.

3. At the end of the month a draw will be made for the total of the mining efforts.

4. The ranking score will be included as a factor so everything will be fair

5. We will contact the winner to give them the amount in XMR, minus a 5% for us

6. If the total is below the withdrawal level of the pool, the draw will be shifted to the next month.

Why you should join the ELO.me

1. The idea is unique and none of the current miners use it like this

2. It's a perfect method to make money either from the draw or the offers we will give to all fellow team miners

3. You don't have to do anything. You run the miner and do your job as you do every day

4. The miner is safe and open source (the code is open for review). We don't give you our program just the settings you should use

5. A community borns new ideas that we're willing to follow, so we're thinking for example building two teams and making a "combat" month, who will win based on the results each one gets....and many more.

6. If you have 5 positive reasons and 0 negative reasons (because you lose nothing), isn't it logical to click the JOIN button? UNZIP the OPPORTUNITY NOW !

When you enter your email, the next screen will explain the process and the download links. You will also get the same steps in your email.

Let's mine together and share our experience with ELO.me Community (we have you covered there too. Details at the next screen, what do you wait for ?)

Notice: Please be sure it's not a fake or a temp email because if you win, will let you know using this email.

Core principles

We have to build a community for you. We can talk about our questions and the progress we make here. More members more brain... power

Set once and forget it !!

The process does take some steps at first but then they can be replicated and not be touched until dinosaurs appear again.

Brainstorming for mine ideas

The fact we introduce an idea, says nothing. The goal here is to optimize the power of CPU mining to the fullest. All ideas are on the table.

We use nanopool. The biggest XMR pool.

Fake pools on the right, scams and hackers on the left, where's a decent crypto user should go? A difficult question for those who have it, but the rule says that we go with the most popular selections.

In our case our choice is NanoPool. With about 30% of the total known hash power of XMR and a solid reputation among Monero users, is the optimum choice for our "pool in a pool" project.

Our selections are top-notch because our goal is to provide a disruptive look at the known mining idea, most people know.

Should we say "welcome to our team" ?